2015 Agenda

Businesses in any industry can dramatically improve their understanding of what drives the customer buying decision with Pricing Research & Analytics. Armed with greater insights, our clients execute value-driven pricing strategies that optimize profits.

*Workshops begin at 8:00 with a 30-minute coffee registration, and end at 17:30

Topics covered in Workshop Day 1:

Leverage the 5 Levels of World Class PricingTM

  • Understanding the foundations of the Pricing Discipline
  • Building-up your specific & actionable Pricing Roadmap for Excellence
  • Collaborative Exercise: Price War along the 5 Levels of World Class PricingTM

Getting started on a successful Pricing Journey

  • Getting your CxO support and best practices to engage your organization cross-functionality
  • Sustainable Pricing Capabilities: People, Processes, Structure, Objectives & Systems
  • Collaborative Exercise: Design your own Pricing Journey

Implement Transactional Pricing

  • Taking control & gaining transparency along the pricing process
  • Effective Pricing Function & the role of the Pricing team
  • Collaborative Exercise: Doing your strategic diagnostic for Pricing Excellence

Key Ingredients for a Winning Transactional Strategy

  • Pricing segmentation as the life-blood of pricing
  • Best in Class analytics for superior Pricing Intelligence at the transactional level
  • Collaborative Exercise: Creating your Transactional Strategic Thinking Process

Network Dinner Sponsored by:

In each of the locations, an exclusive restaurant will be selected to enjoy culinary & oenological experiences as the basis for an unforgettable networking evening. Networking Dinner Sponsored by: Oracle

Topics covered in Workshop Day 2:

Pragmatic & Rewarding Value Pricing

  • Demystifying Value Pricing: The principles
  • The methodologies to integrate Value Pricing Research for market intelligence
  • Collaborative Exercise: Building your own Value Map

The Nirvana of Solutions Pricing

  • Definition of Solutions Pricing
  • How to achieve Solutions Pricing and avoid the tricky traps it holds
  • Collaborative Exercise: ‘Best Practices’ business cases in creative solutions pricing

Integrated Pricing Dataflow Control Center (iPDC2©)

  • How to solve the most common road-blocker in the Pricing Journey to Excellence
  • Implement data automation, from data through information, to superior Pricing Intelligence
  • Collaborative Exercise: Learn how to solve your Pricing Data challenges

Integrated Pricing Intelligence Platform (IPIP©)

  • Review how Pricing Systems can support your Journey to Pricing Excellence
  • Best in Class tools for strategy, price setting, execution and monitoring
  • Collaborative Exercise: Design your pricing sales force execution system