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Our Core Pricing Services

  • Pricing Strategy & Management

    We are pricing strategists. In every engagement we deliver a high impact strategy that puts clients back in control of their pricing. We help companies develop strong pricing capabilities and apply our unique World Class PricingTM framework for measurable, long-term success.

  • Pricing Research & Analytics

    Businesses in any industry can dramatically improve their understanding of what drives the customer buying decision with Pricing Research & Analytics. Armed with greater insights, our clients execute value-driven pricing strategies that optimize profits.

  • Pricing Training

    Without regular pricing training, profits can be significantly diminished. Enhance your team’s pricing I.Q. with customized seminars, workshops & keynotes. Our training is designed to address specific pricing issues, and meet individual client needs and audiences.

  • Pricing Systems & Tools

    Pricing Systems & Tools are critical to our clients’ success. We help them obtain analytical tools that deliver a high return on investment. Learn more about Pricing Solutions’ pricing waterfalls, dispersion analysis, variance analysis, quoting or optimization tools.

New Articles & Resources

Price Clippings Blog

As Harvoni and Holkira Pak become available, 5 things that Canadian Hep C nurses are thinking about

Two years ago I interviewed a Toronto-based Hep C nurse about her usage of Victrelis and Incivek - then leading treatments for Hep C. We also...

Premier League tickets: Price increases make good business sense, but for how long? Part II

*This is the final instalment in a two-part series on pricing in the Premier League. After looking at the League through the 5Cs of pricing, Tony...

Premier League tickets: Price increases make good business sense, but for how long? Part I

*This is the first installment in a two-part series on pricing in the Premier League. Tony Hodgson, Managing Director of Pricing Solutions UK,...

Group Therapy for Pricing Managers

My colleague Kirk Jackisch and I attended the 2nd Annual Medical Device Strategic Pricing Conference in Atlanta this past week. There were over...

Quantified Customer Research is Key to Optimising Fashion Prices

Despite the downturn in many economies over the last several years, prices of luxury fashion products have grown at more than twice the rate of...

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