Pricing Analytics

Pricing Analytics

Pricing Analytics enables companies, across all industries, to dramatically improve profitability & market share by defining optimal prices & pricing strategy. Pricing Solutions leverages data to understand what drives your customers’ buying decisions and integrates this knowledge to meet your pricing needs.

Pricing Solutions Applies Analytics to:
  1. Optimize the Trade-Off Between Price, Volume and Profit
  2. Identify Quick Wins
  3. Develop High Impact Price Strategies
  4. Increase the Confidence of the Sales Force

Driving Business Results with Analytics

Price Optimization

Examining existing market data, pricing optimization engines are developed to predict volumes based on changes to price and other attributes. A customized pricing simulator enables clients to run scenarios to predict market share/revenue/margin at specific price points. With this combination your team will be able to maximize revenues/market share across various brands, SKU’s and/or bundles.

Optimization for:
  • Price and Volume
  • Product and Customer Prices
  • Product Portfolios (Across Product Lines, Brands etc.)
  • Channels

Results: Building a pricing simulation tool with a 94% incidence rate yielded
$3 million in profit by establishing effective pricing promotions


Pricing Solutions focuses on grouping similar customers/products with related behaviours so that clients can manage customer/product profiles more effectively. This micro-segmentation contains information regarding the margins of customer and product segments which are the foundation for the pricing structure. The alignment and maintenance of these pricing structures leads to measurable increases in revenue and profitability.

Solutions For:
  • Pricing Guidance for the Sales Force
  • Establishing a Value-Based Pricing Structure
  • Improved Competitive Pricing

Result: It is not unusual for companies to experience a
2-3% increase in annual bottom line improvements (EBITDA)


    Most companies have significant opportunities for immediate pricing improvement waiting to be identified within their data. Quick win opportunities are typically identified as pricing leakages or under priced products.

    Pricing Solutions Generates Results Using:
    • Price Waterfalls
    • Price Dispersion Charts
    • Identifying Profit Leakages from Discounting
    • Determining Untapped Pricing Power

    Results: With quick-wins ROI can be realized only a few months after implementation. Read how 10 times ROI was achieved in 12 months with quick-wins

    Pricing Dashboards

    Pricing Dashboards allow organizations to view the levers that drive results across customers, products, channels and market segments. A powerful combination of results measurement capabilities and drill-down functionality provides world class pricing tools that can be used to improve and optimize pricing decisions.

    Improved Pricing Decisions & Insights:
    • Customized Views and Accessibility – Including C-Level, Sales Reps & Pricing Teams
    • Ad Hoc Reporting to Automated Best-in-Class Results Measurement
    • Improved Understanding of Pricing Actions and Reactions
    • Easy-to-Use Interface

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