Pricing Training

Pricing Training

Without regular pricing training, profits can be significantly diminished. Sharpen your team’s pricing I.Q. with customized seminars, workshops & keynotes. Our training is designed to address specific pricing issues, and meet individual client needs and audiences.

The strategic importance of the pricing discipline necessitates tailored pricing training and pricing education. Yet most companies do not regularly train their employees to become more effective pricers, and this can significantly diminish returns.

Pricing Solutions can enhance the pricing I.Q. of your organization through customized seminars, workshops and keynote presentations. Our training is designed to address specific pricing issues, and meet individual client needs and audiences. Topics include:

  • Senior Management – Pricing best practices, Building World Class Pricing capabilities, Cultivating a corporate culture for pricing, Building a vision for the future
  • Marketing Departments – Price setting, segmentation and new product pricing
  • Sales Teams – Selling on value instead of price, Balancing inequities across accounts
  • Pricing Roles – Become equipped to successfully execute pricing, Skills training for high performance, Development of a pricing department
Examples of the tailored courses we offer:
  • Best Practices in Pricing Management

    • Moving up a level in the World Class Pricing framework
    • Strategic pricing
    • How best in-class companies are managing pricing
    • How to effectively use pricing tools 

    Target Audience: Pricing Managers, corporations with decentralized pricing management structure. 

Our Approach to Learning

Pricing Solutions believes that if people are engaged and having fun, they will learn more. To ensure that this type of environment is created, our training is:

  • Activity-based/experiential – quick movement from theory into application through the use of team breakouts and individual exercises.
  • Applicable to problems faced by participants – the exercises and breakouts provide participants with the opportunity to work on their business issues in real time. This way, they leave the session with work completed and a clear sense of what needs to be done when they return to their desk.
  • Leveraging the group’s wisdom – participants are encouraged to contribute throughout the session. At the end of each exercise, there is debriefing and testing for understanding. This provides an important opportunity for participants to share.
  • Industry focused – industry-specific cases and industry-specific examples extend the learning of the team and can easily be related to their own situation.

Watch Paul Hunt, during a portion of his keynote address at the PPS Pricing Conference in Chicago:

We are also pleased to present public workshops and conferences each year.