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Pricing Research provides you with the customer information you need to make informed decisions. We work with you to find the answers to your specific pricing questions, implementing research best practices along the way. With over 700 projects completed in 25+ industries, our team has the experience to manage the most complex customer research projects.

Solutions for New & Existing Products/Services
  • New Product Innovations
  • Moving to a Subscription Model
  • Promotion Effectiveness
  • Product Line Price Optimization
  • Portfolio Management
  • Competitive Response
  • Menu Bundling & Optimization

Understand Your Customers Through

Price-Volume Optimizer

Every day and promotion price elasticity, price optimization for volume, revenue, margin targets, competitive price position and strategies, ‘what-if’ scenarios to test pricing strategies, competitive reactions, optimal tiering structures, impact of new product and pack size introductions, consumer loyalty and switching behaviour

Perception Vs. Sensitivity

Assess the impact of a price change on revenue vs. customer perception, measure revenue and profit growth opportunities vs. price thresholds that impact brand equity

Value Map

Unlock the true value of your products/services using price vs. value assessments, key value driver measurement & competitive positioning

Pricing Intelligence Dashboards

View key tools and insights to get the big picture on your pricing strategy, view by customer segments

Pricing Power Assessment

Assess your pricing power using an overall assessment of price sensitivity, purchase behaviour, price perception and market dynamics

Segmented Customer Interviews

Understand who the key decision makers and their level of influence, determine early adopters, decision makers with high vs. low price sensitivity, overall impact of a price change based on levels of decision influence

Methodologies & Tools

Our multidisciplinary approach incorporates components of behavioural economics, econometrics, finance, market research, marketing and psychology. Customizing the combination of research methods to answer your business, customer and pricing questions.

Our Research Methodologies & Analytics Include:
  • Conjoint Analysis: Choice Based, Menu Based, Adaptive, Max Diff, Modified Discrete Choice
  • Financial Value Measurement
  • In-Depth Interviews
  • In-Person and Online Focus Groups
  • Monadic Price Tests
  • Mystery Shopping
  • Online Bulletin Boards
  • Price Perception Measurement
  • Segmentation Analysis
  • TURF Analysis

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