Pricing in Consumer Packaged Goods Industry

Pricing In Consumer Packaged Goods

Grow Market Share & Profitability with Pricing Solutions

Businesses in any industry can dramatically improve their understanding of what drives the shopper buying decision with Pricing Research & Analytics. Armed with greater insights, our CPG clients execute value-driven Pricing Strategies that optimize profits.

We build pricing strategies around a solid understanding of the complete decision-making process. Overall, we look at product value, competition and willingness-to-pay. As one of the world’s leading pricing consultancies, it is our mission to dramatically improve client’s profitability and market share through pricing. We’ve completed hundreds of CPG projects with our comprehensive pricing approach.

Approach to Pricing Research & Analytics in Consumer Packaged Goods

Addressing Key CPG Challenges:

  • Executing Price Increases
  • Determining Promotional Effectiveness & Efficiency
  • Achieving the Right Pricing Architecture
  • Launching New Products at the Right Price
  • Understanding Product Value & Consumer’s Willingness to Pay

Value-based Pricing

  • Identifying key value drivers for specific indications/diseases
  • Assessing the value of the product against key value drivers
  • Assessing the comparative value vs. competitor products

Our clients achieve a typical payback of 10:1 on their project investment through our adaptive and proven approach.
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Global Consumer Packaged Goods Experience

Pricing Solutions multicultural, multi-language team understands different market, cultures and consumer segments and are supported by an international network of trusted CPG fieldwork agencies. Over the years, our firm has developed long-term working relationships with many CPG companies, providing added-value services in over 20 different countries.

Proudly Working with Industry Leaders

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Case Studies

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Our mission is to dramatically improve clients’ profitability and market share through improved pricing. Pricing Solutions’ four core services include Pricing Strategy, Pricing Research, Pricing Analytics & Pricing Training. Known for our World Class Pricing™ methodology, we have grown to become one of the world’s leading pricing consultancies with offices in North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and Latin America. Our global team of researchers, consultants and partners are recognized thought-leaders.