World Class Pricing: The Journey

World Class Pricing: The Journey

Paul Hunt • Jim Saunders

The Journey is the indispensable roadmap to take pricing within your organization from its’ current class to World Class. Built upon the 5 Levels of Pricing Excellence, many of the world’s leading companies including Exxon Mobil, GE, Michelin, J&J and a host of others, have already successfully applied the pricing improvement approach shared in this book.

Which level is your organization?

  • Is the pricing process chaotic? Is pricing too reactive?
  • Are you focused on control, enforcement and accountability?
  • Have any ‘pricing partnerships’ been formed?
  • Do you know the optimal price structure for your business?
  • At what speed can you execute complex pricing strategies?

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Spot on, this book is 100% pragmatic. A step by step approach in improving our pricing processes and maximizing profits.”  – Jim Goodman, Global Sr. Director of Marketing Operations, Smith and Nephew

The 5 Levels OF World Class Pricing is a terrific framework. If you want to get inspired about pricing and improve the bottom-line of your business, read this book and implement its principles!”  -Trajan Bayly, CMO, GE Ideal Works.