World Class Pricing

World Class Pricing™

World Class PricingTM is the pursuit of excellence in the execution of the pricing process. The essence of World Class Pricing TM is the establishment of the management system our clients need to ensure their offerings are optimally priced every day. An effective pricing process gives them the confidence of knowing that their team is consistently making sound pricing decisions. It is impossible to maximize profit without optimizing pricing, and it is impossible to make the transition without linking the changes to processes, tools, technology, and company culture.

An effective pricing process:

  • Is value based
  • Considers customers, competitors, and costs
  • Is fair and equitable to all customers
  • Is efficient to execute
  • Has measurable outcomes
  • Is repeatable
  • Delineates accountabilities
  • Links to other business processes, such as business planning Maximizes profit.

The majority of companies are operating at Levels 1-3. Based on our project work, Pricing Solutions has found that a 10:1 payback is typically achieved on projects that move an organization up a level. This payback is usually realized within 12-24 months, and continues to deliver as the company reaps the rewards of superior pricing.

World Class Pricing

Our whitepaper "The Journey to Pricing Excellence"

Every company has a pricing process, but it may be executed poorly or well. The World-Class Pricing Framework outlines the stages of growth that pricing managers and their organizations must go through on the journey to excellence. Each stage of this journey is a logical progression from the preceding one. A well-defined series of steps helps companies advance from one levelto the next, a process that typically takes six to 18 months.

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Our book "World Class Pricing: The Journey"

The Journey is the indispensable roadmap to take pricing within your organization from its’ current class to World Class. Built upon the 5 Levels of Pricing Excellence, many of the world’s leading companies including Exxon Mobil, GE, Michelin, J&J and a host of others, have already successfully applied the pricing improvement approach shared in this book.

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