Our Pricing Philosophy

Our Pricing Philosophy

Because no two businesses are identical, we believe the solutions to your pricing challenges shouldn’t be either. Pricing Solutions is committed to delivering tailored & cutting edge research solutions, capabilities & management processes, tools, systems and strategies that align with your organizations’ short-, medium- and long-term goals. Our approach is built on two fundamental concepts:

World Class Pricing TM

The model has become the industry standard for pricing improvement. This fundamental concept, grounded in Lean and Six Sigma principles, is the process that an organization needs to achieve a world-class standard in pricing.

Pricing Solutions developed the 5-Levels of World Class Pricing while working with companies in a wide range of industries on hundreds of pricing projects over the past 20 years.

Value-Based Pricing

This means setting prices based on the value customers realize by doing business with the firm. That value may be in the form of Perceived Value (soft benefits) or Financial Value (monetary benefits). Our experience shows that most companies do not have rigorous processes for assessing value by customer segment and monetizing that value with an effective price strategy and structure.

Our pricing philosophy is just that simple; building on the concepts of World Class Pricing and Value-based Pricing, we help clients make more profitable global pricing decisions, and typically see a payback of 10:1 on their project investment.


To help our clients develop innovative pricing strategies that optimize their profits and market share.


To be a highly respected global pricing consultancy that dramatically improves the profitability of our clients through providing leading edge strategy, research, training and systems.


The Pricing Solutions team is committed to excellence, and integrates these values in our relationships with our clients:

  • Delivering outstanding value to our clients
  • Tailoring our pricing services to our client’s most important needs
  • Paying attention to details that enable our clients to achieve their pricing and business objectives
  • Selling only what we can deliver
  • Respecting all confidences
  • Meeting deadlines.