Published Pricing Articles

Set-up and Automation of a ‘Winning’ Pricing Strategy
Pricing Solutions Europe, written in partnership with Oracle, April 2014

Setting up a consistent and agile pricing strategy and empowering the business into understanding and managing their pricing and discounting policies in a fully transparent way drives sustainable margins uplifts and greatly improves the customer experience. [Continue reading]

“Pricing for Long Term Profit and Growth”
Source: The Professional Pricing Society Journal, Second Quarter 2010

Price optimization has been the subject of many articles in recent years. Most of those writings have concluded that, in order to optimize prices, you should figure out the demand curve, link it to the cost function, and find the point where marginal revenue equals marginal costs. [Continue reading]

A Better Way to Price
Source: The National Post, February 23, 2010

Why was your airplane overbooked? How come the price for a hotel room changes from day to day and how do car-rental companies know how many cars to have at any given airport? These questions and more can be answered by looking at the management science tools used by some businesses to manage revenue, costs and capacity utilization.” [Continue reading]

Expanding the Certified Management Accountant Toolbox
Source: CMA Management, May 2009

The Variance Tree aims to break business performance into its fundamental driving elements. It is similar to budget variance analysis — performing comparisons (calculating variances) and splitting the performance metrics into sub-elements. However, the difference lies in two key areas. [Continue reading]

Building a Robust Pricing Structure
Source: Market Research Executive Board, May 2009

While it may be simple to gauge some products as “specialty” or simple “commodity” based on a quick overview of these characteristics, many products fall in a grey zone where it’s not clear how much value a firm may garner from the product. [Continue reading]

The Journey to Pricing Excellence
Source: The Professional Pricing Society Journal, Fourth Quarter 2008M

Every company has a pricing process, but it may be executed poorly or well. The World-Class Pricing Framework outlines the stages of growth that pricing managers and their organizations must go through on the journey to excellence. [Continue reading]