Pricing Management

Pricing Management

Arrive consistently at optimal pricing decisions. Effective Pricing Management helps you integrate and apply critical pricing information and perspectives.

Pricing Management is the process of integrating all perspectives and information necessary to consistently arrive at optimal pricing decisions. Strong price management capabilities result in effective management of financial risk and revenue. The process entails:

  • Balancing company growth, share, and profit objectives
  • Gathering and managing information databases within systems
  • Defining roles and responsibilities with respect to pricing
  • Navigating the organizational politics of different functional interests, and
  • Managing various pricing-related workflows

To create a vision for improved pricing management, and the milestones along the way, Pricing Solutions has developed a unique offering we call World Class PricingTM. This is the continuous improvement of tools and processes to cultivate global pricing knowledge and tap into it on a day-to-day basis. The framework is based on benchmarks we have developed from working with companies in a wide range of industries over the past 20 years, and is grounded in Lean and Six Sigma principles.

Pricing Solutions' approach to Pricing Management:

5 Levels of World Class Pricing Pricing Diagnostic Approach

World Class PricingTM is the pursuit of excellence in the execution of the pricing process. The essence of World Class Pricing TM is the establishment of the management system our clients need to ensure their offerings are optimally priced every day. Learn more>
5 Levels of World Class Pricing

Pricing Diagnostic Approach

The Pricing Diagnostic is typically the beginning of our pricing management work with a new client. Below is an example of the Pricing Diagnostic Scorecard we use to assess our clients. Learn more> 
Pricing Diagnostic Scorecard

Lean Six Sigma Pricing

Many of our clients have undertaken Lean or Six Sigma initiatives. Pricing is a process that can be improved by using one or a combination of these methodologies. As such, it can be measured and improved. Learn more>

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