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At Pricing Solutions we deliver tailored in-house pricing training courses that improve your organisation’s pricing decision-making and in turn improve business performance.

Whilst many organisations are already embracing the need for a greater understanding of their pricing, others are yet to fully realise the powerful business insights that can come from a greater knowledge of pricing fundamentals.

So, whether you already have pricing responsibilities and want to know how to advance your organisation to the next level of pricing maturity, or even if you’ve never thought about using pricing as lever for change – or anything in between – our range of pricing training courses will be able to help you.

Training courses include:

  • Introduction to Pricing – Identifying the opportunities and planning the first steps

    • The profit impact of pricing
    • The World Class Pricing framework
    • Strategic pricing
    • How best in-class companies are managing pricing
    • Developing the route map for profitable pricing  

    Target Audience
    : Senior management teams, marketing/sales teams or cross-functional teams focused on implementing new pricing initiatives

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Because we contact you in advance of the training session to conduct a number of discussions with key stakeholders and get brief on your business and industry issues, as well as your pricing requirements, we are able to tailor your personal agenda with industry relevant content and case studies.

All of our courses are designed for groups ranging upwards of six people, and are run by senior consultants currently working on client projects, meaning you can be sure that you’re learning from some of the country’s leading pricing experts.